The Drone

Artificial Intelligence for Vet-Friendly Dealers

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The Drone


VetsCars Headquarters uses The Drone for special occasions.  We don’t allow just any dealership to use our secret weapon, but we can tell you how it works.  We only recommend this service to our dealers who had a slow month and need a boost – mainly meant for a 1-time use every 3-4 months.  It’s a service that identifies data points of consumers throughout the car-buying ecosystem, the VetsCars network and relays that data back to the dealership and VetsCars.  It takes that information and places a CTA immediately in front of the military car buyer when he or she sets off a trigger.  A pre-determined trigger could mean that the user clicks on a banner, watches a video for a certain amount of time, crosses a geo-fence and so on.  But why The Drone is so effective is because it’s a precision technique that analyzes the data points, establishes a trigger, prepares the CTA and executes a sales lead for your dealership all in real time.

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