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Motivated Leads


VetsCars uses the latest technologies to target car shoppers who are in the market for buying a new or used vehicle, but also happen to have a direct affiliation with the US military.  If you have already received the amount of leads that comes with your VetsCars Membership within the 30-day deadline or you simply wish to add leads to your package, then great!  However, please know that purchasing additional leads are not under any timeline restrictions.  It could take over the 30-day time period to get your dealership 70 leads, for example.  We will deliver motivated sales leads that are;

  • Affiliated with the military community (i.e. active, spouse, veteran, retired, etc.)
  • Located within 35 miles of your dealership
  • Exclusive to your dealership only (no reselling)
  • Looking to purchase your brand(s) within 90 days
  • Decent (620+) credit score or more than 3 lines of credit (optional)
  • Receive lead information via text (optional)

To order, simply replace the “1” with the amount of leads that you want.

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