Military Retargeting

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Military Retargeting


We look at retargeting a bit different than most.  We not only have our own veteran network that we work with, but we also have a sophisticated approach to it.  Let’s say that a veteran goes to your .Vet website and bounces off.  They simply want the information we provide (i.e. discounts, rebates and public programs) however they decide that they won’t convert at this time.  The same person is then presented with a retargeted drip campaign of those very discounts and rebates that your dealership provides.  For example, let’s say the user was looking at a F-150 and bounced.  We would then place an ad on a 3rd-party website that shows the Ford Military Rebate Program and how they can use it.  You will be amazed at the level of combinations that we can apply toward getting the military consumer back to your .Vet site.

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