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Custom Lead Page


Since VetsCars is in the business of getting the military and veteran car-buyer to go one step closer to purchasing a vehicle from you, why not create a page that is dedicated strictly for that.   With our lead pages team, every template is uniquely hand-crafted to our clients’ vision whilst maintaining a strict laser-focus on conversion uplift.

Our military-centric lead pages can do several things.  First, we can use VetsCars’ software to deliver a service on the other side of the lead form where the user can see which military discounts and benefits apply to a certain vehicle.  But let’s say that you wanted to have a campaign strictly for veterans who had poor credit, has a trade-in, coming back from deployment and so on.  Each campaign needs to speak directly to the individual which in turn raises conversions.

We also add several functionalities that come with your new lead page;

  • Tracking pixels
  • Analytics codes
  • Open Graph codes (for social sharing)
  • Geo-specific codes (ties page to your physical location)
  • Custom forms and fields (e.g. credit score)
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