Battle Buddy (Social) Ads

Social Media Advertising for Military and Veterans

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Battle Buddy (Social) Ads


VetsCars dominates the military car-buying market on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  We tie into various military communities and place your social advertisements in front of potential car buyers in this demographic.  We will design an ad creative for you or use graphics or videos you provide.  Do you know what is so great about advertising to this demographic on these social channels?  It’s affordable!!  Your competitors are most-likely not advertising directly to this demographic which means that we can get clicks cheaper.

We can link your social media ads directly to your inventory, your .Vet website or any destination you need.  When you spend $800 on a social media budget with us, we charge a low $4 a click that will bring in motivated military car buyers directly to your inventory or lead pages.  That’s about half the cost of anyone else!

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