1Become an Educated Consumer.  As a member of the military community, there are discounts, benefits and resources made available simply because of who you are and what you’ve done – take advantage of that. Some programs can save you thousands of dollars.  However, you need to know what you’re eligible for, and we can help. We typically begin sending our military car-buyer community through the VetsCars Military Discount Portal.

2Connect with a Certified VetsCars Dealer.  Our dealers have the latest information on available programs, and how you – in your unique situation – can combine certain incentives and use those to reduce the cost of the vehicle you want. You can work with a local VetsCars Representative who will show you their inventory and which programs they can apply to each interesting vehicle. Find your local rep in the Dealer Directory.

3A Long-Term Relationship.  VetsCars doesn’t stop helping you after you drive off the lot. You will receive ongoing military discounts and benefits that you can use even after you purchase your vehicle and have it periodically serviced. Do you want to know what Federal, State, Non-Profit and Local Business benefits are out there beyond just purchasing a vehicle? Sign up for the VetsCars Newsletter.

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