Membership Plans

Choose the Best One that Fits Your Needs

Don't hesitate to call if you need help choosing which is best for you.

  • Recruit's Package
  • $500

    per month

  •   with Standard Options
  •   Dealer Directory and Discount Portal Listing
  •   VetsCars Foot Locker with Wall of Honor
  •   Webinar Sales Training (1 per Quarter)
  •   Local Military Car-Buyer Data Updates

* minimum of 90-day commitment + $295 setup fee

  • Sergeant's Package
  • $750

    per month

  •   From Local Military Community
  •   With .VET Dealer Website
  •   Monthly Lead and Analytics Report
  •   10% Discount In the Dealer Store
  •   Dealer Directory and Discount Portal Listing
  •   VetsCars Foot Locker with Wall of Honor
  •   Webinar Sales Training (1 per Month)
  •   Local Military Car-Buyer Data Updates

* available month-to-month + $295 setup fee

  • General's Package
  • $1250

    per month

  •   Within a 35-mile Radius
  •   On .VET Dealer Website
  •   From Local Military Community
  •   Custom Funnel with .VET Dealer Website
  •   Weekly Lead and Analytics Report
  •   15% Discount In the VetsCars Dealer Store
  •   Dealer Directory and Discount Portal Listing
  •   Foot Locker with Custom Wall of Honor
  •   Webinar Sales Training (1 per Month)
  •   Local Military Car-Buyer Data Updates

* available month-to-month + $295 setup fee

Have multiple locations you would like to add?  We offer a great discount for additional rooftops.  Give us a call for more information at (405) 568-2738.

How do dealer payments get processed?

VetsCars uses a 3rd-party credit card and ACH processing service called PaySimple.  When you select the package that you want, you will be redirected to the payment form where you will see the amount of the first month’s membership plan plus the 1-time setup fee of $295.  After you complete the registration process, a VetsCars associate will contact you within 1-3 business days to get your dealership set up on a month-to-month payment plan for the Sergeant’s or General’s Packages or quarterly for the ones who choose the Recruit Package.

What happens after I register?

Immediately after registration, VetsCars will receive a notification that you have signed up.  Within 1-3 business days your account representative will contact you to welcome you and to cover any action items that need to be discussed.

What is the VetsCars ‘Code of Conduct?'

In an effort to protect our members of the military community when purchasing a car through the VetsCars program, we have compiled a simple Code of Conduct within our Terms & Conditions that states:

1) We will commit our business and our employees to providing the highest level of service and integrity to our nation’s Service Families.  We will assign at least one designated person as the business’ program supervisor and contact person for all dealings with VetsCars, its affiliates, and referrals of members.  We will ensure that program supervisor and all appropriate staff are properly trained on the VetsCars program and the business’ pricing and service offering commitments for the program.  We will offer all financing options and value added aftermarket products with clarity and transparency at time of sale.

2) We will honor all current or former members of the U.S. military and show gratitude for their service to them and their family.  Member will follow the VetsCars guidelines for receiving, greeting and expediting the sales or service process to anyone identifying themselves as a current or former member of the U.S. military or their immediate family members. When possible, one or more of Member’s management staff will personally greet these customers with respect and honor.

3) We will actively and enthusiastically support the VetsCars program.  Member will display the VetsCars logo in the customer area(s) of its business, on its web site, and will advertise its membership in its marketing with reasonable and best efforts.  Member will participate in and support all VetsCars customer satisfaction surveys, quality assurance programs, and dispute resolution efforts.

How long does it take to get my .VET website online?

Once we receive confirmation of your registration, please allow up to 7 days to complete your designated .VET dealer website.

Do I need to make changes on our company website?

Yes.  We require that all VetsCars Dealers have at least one call-to-action button or property on your home page.  What this does is that it allows the visitor to see that you are a vet-friendly destination and to go through the pre-determined lead funnel that we created for you.

Does VetsCars offer training to our staff members?

Yes.  Depending on the package you select, we offer a monthly or quarterly webinar to train your sales staff on the best practices of working with the military community.  Additionally, you can always request a live webinar in the Dealer Solutions area.


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