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If you are a dealer and would like to begin working with the military community, give VetsCars a call, email us, or click here to view our membership details and allow us to show you how we can help! VetsCars helps dealerships cultivate military and veteran car buyers within their local community and then to administer the programs for which the car buyer may be eligible. VetsCars not only gives you tools to improve the effectiveness of your military campaigns, but we also have sales training, analytics and reporting, dealer resources, and much more to become the go-to vet-friendly destination in your area.


Share your message with the local military community with a .VET website.

Depending on your plan, we can provide 10 or 20 local sales leads per month.

Receive analytics, lead reports and much more with your VetsCars dashboard.

Remember, our objective is to be an important resource to the 40M people in our demographic market. They trust VetsCars, and we give you a chance to share that trust.

The veteran/military demographic includes 22M veterans, 1.4M active duty, 1.4M reserves, and 500K National Guard – plus their families! Across the United States the “veteran market” is comprised of more than 40M people.  Data suggest that at any given moment more than 960,000 veterans are actively seeking to buy their next vehicle within the next 90 days. When looking at the VetsCars program, ask yourself the question, “Is this a Why Buy Here service?” You will soon discover that the answer is undoubtedly – YES!


* Request a VetsCars Representative who will demonstrate our services specifically for your dealership.

There are many additional features that VetsCars can offer your dealership. Click the button to view all of the features within each membership package to review and decide which package is the most appropriate for your needs.

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