Discover all the incentives you've earned for your military service.


Many times a veteran will start the car buying process with shopping for the vehicle they want before taking inventory of their own financial incentives and resources.  Our model starts with what you are eligible for and then we begin to learn how to stack those military programs onto the vehicle that you desire.

VetsCars Rep


This is the next stage where your VetsCars representative will begin to focus on the models, trims and specs of the vehicle you want.  We will work with you to not only leverage the available programs, but also maximize your buying power with the unique financial situation you are in.



After we found your vehicle, stacked incentives and maximized your buying power for lending options, we will then present you with the keys to your new car with the best servicing plan available.  VetsCars not only helps you purchase the vehicle, but we also are available to you throughout the lifetime of that vehicle.

VetsCars covers the 3 stages of the car-buying cycle; Awareness, Consideration and Purchase.

The first step in the VetsCars Program is the Awareness stage.  Here we uncover all the incentives that are available and which ones you could potentially use on the vehicle you need.

* Covers federal, state, county, non-profit, corporate and local dealer programs.


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